Jurassic Park Jeep

I follow a number of artists on various social channels and admire many different art forms. One of my most admired, is certain artists ‘styles’. I adore when you can see a piece and immediately recognise the style and know who has created it. An account on Instagram, that goes by the name of Pushaiart, is one of those people. They are a very talented illustrator and has adopted their very own art style, something to be admired.
I saw an amazing illustration by Pushaiart and desperately wanted to try to re-create it in 3D. It was an illustration of a stylised jeep and I loved the proportions, the colours, everything!

I set out and started modelling the jeep based off the illustration, which had it’s pros and cons. Using one image from one angle is limiting, but, it allows imagination to come in and take over a little. I tried to keep the model as true to the illustration as possible and quite honestly, I feel I could have changed the camera settings to reach the correct proportions for the final render, but, this is how we learn. I am overall, very happy with the results.
I reached out to them and asked if I could use their illustration as a concept art for my 3D model, to which they said, yes; providing I credit them, for being the concept owner…. Obviously! Artists always need credit for their work.
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