3D Modelling

What Is 3D Modelling?

A professional 3D designer uses specialist 3D modelling software to produce a 3D representation of virtually any object. A 3D modeller will use that software to skilfully manipulate points, called vertices, to create a mesh that forms an object. This object can then be fully animated for all sorts of commercial purposes, from video games to advertising campaigns.

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The Benefits of Working With a 3D Designer

When you’re selling a product, you want the best images possible to help showcase its greatest features. This is where 3D modelling and photo-realistic rendering can be huge time and money savers.

Normally, you would throw money at a photographer for a few days. They would bring lots of expensive equipment (which they will charge a rental fee for), spend time dressing a set with props and lights, and then carry out extensive editing after it’s all done. Say you realise a week later that you missed a vital shot. What do you do? Most likely you just make do without it. Because the cost of setting up the set and hiring the photographer again is too high just for one shot.

This is where 3D modelling comes into its own. One of the main benefits of working with an experienced 3D modeller is their ability to open a file, create a new angle, and render the image for you any time you need it.

• Fancy seeing the product in a new colour scheme? Done.
• Need to see the product in an action shot with water? Done.
• Want to see 100s of the product in different colours? Done!

The possibilities really are endless with 3D modelling and the skill of a 3D designer is to take your ideas and bring them to life in glorious 3D detail.

3D Modelling Techniques

A 3D designer uses a variety 3D modelling techniques to create 3D assets, including the following:

• Box modelling – A polygonal technique that involves refining a geometric shape, like a cube or sphere.
• Edge modelling – Involves building a model of polygonal faces along contours and filling gaps between them.
• NURBS – A NURBS mesh comprises smoothly interpreted surfaces, with no faces, edges or vertices.
• Digital sculpting – Meshes are created organically, using a Wacom tablet to mould and shape the model.
• Procedural modelling – Objects are created algorithmically, rather than by the hand of a 3D designer.
• Image-based modelling – Static two-dimensional images are transformed into a low-cost 3D asset.
• 3D Scanning – A real-life object is scanned and the raw data is used to generate a polygonal or NURBS mesh.

Why Work With a Freelance 3D Designer?

The biggest advantage of working with a freelance 3D designer is: freedom. As an agile boutique agency, JForth Designs can be responsive to your every need. We will work closely with you to produce exactly the kind of 3D modelling creatives you need, providing fast, flexible and affordable results.

Where Can I Find a 3D Designer Near Me?

Regardless of whether you need a 3D designer in the North West of England, the UK or further afield, JForth Designs can deliver exactly what you need. We deliver fast, affordable and functional 3D rendered assets that can add a whole new level of ‘wow factor’ to your marketing activities.

If you need an experienced freelance 3D designer who can bring your product to life, then look no further than JForth Designs. We take pride in providing a prompt, friendly and dependable service that not only produces exceptional results but also delivers outstanding value for money and return on investment.

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Our comprehensive graphic design services cover every aspect of the design process, combining the skills of a full-blown creative team from a single source. For the ultimate convenience, creativity and value for money, JForth Designs is a local freelance graphic designer you can depend on.
No matter how big or small your design project, JForth Designs can deliver exactly what you need and more. We pride ourselves on delivering an innovative, punctual and courteous design service that goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from a traditional design agency.
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