Why a website?

Every business these days – digital or not – needs an online presence. Be that for selling products, gaining new customers or just to found by people looking for their services.

Just having a website isn’t good enough, you need to have a great website that screams out how amazing you are and makes people want to interact with you and use your services, instead of the next company’s. In a nut shell, if you don’t have an amazing website, your business will more than likely not be as successful as if you did! We are living in a digital era where everything is a few taps of a screen away. If you need a service, you no longer reach for the phone book, you simply Google what you need and go with the top result. If you don’t have a decent website, you won’t be in that search – it’s as simple as that!

If you need a (new) website created, take a look at the store.

The Process

After building a number of websites, you start to get a feel for what can wrong, what will change, what you need to add for future and much more; so, you start to build a process to eliminate as many issues as possible. My process is nice and simple, it allows me to iterate the design along the way, without disrupting the project too much.


I start with a ‘sitemap’. This is just a spider diagram of what pages you will have on your site and how they are connected. this stage of the process is very important as it builds the foundations for the rest of the project. Here, we discuss the user journey, what pages are important, any special features we would like on certain pages, etc.


The next step is creating wire-frames. These are the building blocks of your future website and serve the purpose of working out where everything will be going and how it will all interact with each other. Wire-frames don’t use images or actual text; they use block shapes that represent the different elements and placeholder text – also known as Lorem Ipsum. This stage of the development process is very important as you can move elements and sections around with ease, until you are happy with the general layout.


Once the wire-frames are complete, I can then move onto the visualisation stage. I use the blocks of the wire-frames and create stunning visuals to show you how your site will look once all the colours, images and text is applied. These serve a great purpose at truly realising how your site will look once completed while retaining the ability to make big changes – with little effect on time – if needs be.


After the three stages above have been completed, signed off and you are happy to move forward, I will start actually creating your site online. I will use the site map to help me create the correct pages and assign the correct paths, I will use the wire-frames to bock out the different elements needed on each page and I will use the visuals to help me put the correct images and copy the content over to the live site. Then comes the fun bit….testing! Lots of testing. When creating a website, there will always be little things that aren’t quite right, so, I will meticulously test and test again, to ensure that everything is working. All while this is happening, you will have a link that you can check in on, whenever you want, to see how things are going. After I am happy that everything works as it should, I will pass over the link details and any login details – if you requested a CMS and the site will be all yours!

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Where Can I Find a Web Developer Near Me?

Regardless of whether you need a website developer in the North West of England, the UK or further afield, JForth Designs can deliver exactly what you need. We deliver fast, affordable and functional websites that can add a whole new level of ‘wow factor’ to your marketing activities.

If you need an experienced freelance website developer who can bring your product to life, then look no further than JForth Designs. We take pride in providing a prompt, friendly and dependable service that not only produces exceptional results but also delivers outstanding value for money and return on investment.

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Our comprehensive graphic design services cover every aspect of the design process, combining the skills of a full-blown creative team from a single source. For the ultimate convenience, creativity and value for money, JForth Designs is a local freelance graphic designer you can depend on.
No matter how big or small your design project, JForth Designs can deliver exactly what you need and more. We pride ourselves on delivering an innovative, punctual and courteous design service that goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from a traditional design agency.
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