Motion Graphics

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are a type of animation that focus heavily on text. They’re a really effective tool for telling a story and conveying deeper meaning to your audience. When you combine great copy and a stirring soundtrack, motion graphics can be a powerful medium for creating everything from adverts to movie title sequences.

A motion graphic designer distils communication down to colour, typography and space. Artists like Oskar Fischinger and Saul Bass pushed the envelope for motion graphics in the 1940s and 1950s. Bass’ iconic title sequences for Alfred Hitchcock’s screen classics Psycho and North By Northwest are still a major reference point for motion graphics designers today.

Benefits Of Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are a great tool for injecting a bit of personality and humour into corporate videos and presentations. They can be used in a variety of ways to get your point across in a highly visual but punchy way. Motion graphics are amazingly effective at bringing data to life and explaining concepts in videos, especially in explainer videos or animated infographics.

Motion graphics encapsulate many of the benefits of animation, but on a much smaller scale. They can be placed on a website to make it function – and look – better, and can also enhance the functionality and user experience (UX) of apps (think Tinder’s swiping motion!) and digital marketing campaigns.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of motion graphics is that they can create a big impact on a small budget.

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Fundamentals Of Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics can transform dry and, dare we say it, sometimes quite dull information and make it leap off the screen. A skilful motion graphic designer has a wide range of tools at their disposal to add that extra layer of professional polish to your project.

Here are just some of the techniques we use here at JForth Designs:

Lower thirds

Lower-third graphics are a simple but effective way to display extra information in corporate videos. Not only are they a great way to show a person’s name, occupation or location, but they’re also an ideal way to feature your company’s branding. JForth Designs can provide all these motion graphics techniques and many more.

Kinetic typography

As the name suggests, kinetic typography is basically moving words. This animation technique gives a motion graphic designer the power to manipulate lettering so that it flies, expands, shrinks and all manner of other effects. This has become a hugely popular technique in web design and web-based videos in recent years.


Advanced software like Adobe After Effects and Blender enable a motion graphic designer to produce 2D and 3D animations to bring an idea to life. Hugely popular animated explainer videos offer a low-cost but engaging method for breaking down complex concepts and product details in a way that resonates with customers.

Where Can I Find A Motion Graphic Designer Near Me?

If you need a skilful motion graphic designer who can inject personality to your corporate video or presentation, JForth Designs is the design agency for you. We have created countless effective motion graphics over the years, which have helped our clients to truly set themselves apart from their competitors.

If you need a freelance motion graphic designer who is comfortable at producing highly imaginative motion graphics to a tight brief and deadline, JForth Designs is the design partner you’ve been looking for.

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