Velochampion Glasses

Velochampion create cycling equipment and have an entire product line of specialist cycling glasses for all purposes, be that for blocking the harmful rays from the sun, keeping the wind out of your eyes or even just for some UV protection. They wanted a glasses configurator on their website and wanted 3D renders of their entire line of glasses.
As far as modelling goes, I created 10 different models of glasses, which required over 32 different materials and with all the variations of mixing the lens, frames and nose pieces, ended up with me rendering 686 images! It was no small task, but, the end result was fantastic! The uniformity across their entire line looks great and all the renders came out perfect.
One of the trickiest parts of the whole process was getting some of the more interesting materials correct. One of which was the silver plastic with a hint of glitter in it. The other, slightly more challenging one was the leopard print material that was ever so slightly translucent, matte, and had a printed material on top that had different material properties to the base material! After a lot of work, it came out looking like the real thing. I was happy with the end result.
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