Smoovii Portable Blender

A small company contacted me and asked if I would help with their general design requirements; I ad some spare time, so, I obliged. One of their products was the Smoovii portable blender. It’s a tremendous little product and really packs a punch. I was hugely surprised at how powerful this little thing is!
In order to get some really interesting angles of the product, I opted to make a model of the product, that way, I would have full control of the lighting, materials and I could get more interesting angles than with typical photography.

With the product being in 3D, I can easily change the lighting, change the camera angles and even change the materials of the product. That last one is exactly what I had to do recently, as they are releasing a new colour variation of the blender and wanted some photography to put on the site, before they get in stock. All I had to do is open the file, change the colour and sit and wait for the renders. That is one amazing thing about 3D product design; a client can request a change months down the line and it’s achievable, without the need to set up a studio again, with expensive lights, just to get one shot.
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