ZOTAC 1080 AMP Extreme Edition

As an avid gamer, I follow the latest and greatest tech in the industry. This means I follow some of the best manufacturers of computer components; one of my favourites being ZOTAC. They manufacture components, full builds, mini PCs and more. They created the 1080ti AMP Extreme which was a great looking card and a market leader, in it’s time.

I gathered as many reference images as I could and set to work. I decided to try to make it as detailed as I could, creating all the little screws, individual fins of the heatsinks and following the paths for all the heat pipes. The complex shapes of the facia was tough at first, but, I managed to get it all nicely lined up.

After I finished modelling it, I set about getting some interesting renders. It’s a great looking graphics card, but, I immediately thought, “what would this look like in different colour schemes?”. I wanted to make this project as fun as possible and fun for me, means pink and bright colours! I shared this with ZOTAC and they posted it on their social pages. Still to this day, those posts hold some of the greatest numbers – most likes and most comments.