Luxury Watch Winder

After I created the IWC Chronograph Watch, a company called Luxury Watch Winders contacted me and asked if I could create a custom 3D model of a watch winder and then animate it, in order to better explain what a watch winder is, what they do and why you should have one. Obviously I said yes!
Luxury Watch Winders talked me through what a watch is and how they work, in order to help me make the model. I decided on created a hinged box out of some luxurious wood materials with leather and some subtle additions to add flare. I placed their logo as a badge on the side of the device and surrounded it in a choice of precious metals.
After creating all the materials and modelling all the different parts, I set up the lighting environment, created an infinity box and went with an interior HDRI map to help with a more realistic reflection. Once they were happy with the still renders, they wanted me to move onto the animations and creating the different scenes to help people understand the benefits of watch winders. 

You can see the completed video here.
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