IWC Portugieser Chronograph

I’m not really a ‘watch person’, but, I can appreciate a nice watch when I see one. I was tasked with creating a watch model that can be rendered from any angle whenever we need it.

I set about choosing a watch to test it on and I found the IWC Portugieser Chronograph which, quite frankly, is a gorgeous looking watch.
After choosing the watch, I had to test lighting and different angles. I needed to find a cookie cutter set of angles and lighting scenarios that I could replicate with watches again and again.

This really tested the quality of the models I was producing, as we needed to get some really close renders, which required some serious details put into both the mesh and the textures. Tough, but rewarding.
After the angles and lighting were all set up, tested and figured out, I really wanted to see an exploded view of the watch, with all the magic and guts out in the open. So, I set about doing as much research as I could surrounding mechanical watches, the movements and everything in between.

I managed to create a enough of the movement and cogs to make it look convincing, but, honestly, I would still be making the models now if I were to make each of the individual cogs to size! There is so much to these watches; my hat goes off to watch makers.

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