3D With Realism

3D modelling and photo-realistic rendering can be a huge time and money saver. When you have a product, you want the best images to help showcase it’s best features. For this, normally, you would throw money at a photographer for a few days, with lots of expensive equipment (which they will charge a rental fee for), dressing a set with props and lights and processing time after it’s all done. Say you realise a week later, you missed a vital shot; what do you do? Most likely, just get on without it, as the cost of setting up the set and hiring the photographer again is too high for one shot!

This is where 3D modelling comes into it’s own. One of the huge benefits of 3D modelling is the ability to at any time, open a file, get a new angle, render the image and you’re good. Fancy seeing the product in a new colour scheme? Done. Need to see the product in an action shot with water? Done. Would love to see 100’s of the product all over the table, in different colours? Done!


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Software I Use

Adobe Suite

3D & Animation

Affinity Design

How I Work


Spending time to find out more

During research, I will gather as many resources as possible to make sure I understand exactly what my client is needing.

Idea phase

Sketching and brain storming ideas

At this stage, I like to sit down with the client and find out everything there is to know, about their project.

Mock up

Create a rough draft

Mock ups are important as they set the bar and let everyone know what direction the project is heading in. It's vital at this stage to work out any early kinks


Deliver final product

Time to hand over the finished product, ready for the client to check. If there are amendments, I would make them and redeliver until the client is happy.