Forky - Toy Story 4 Character

I have grown up with the Toy Story franchise and have loved each and every one of the films. Having seen the latest instalment in the series, I immediately fell in love with Forky. Such a great, funny and lovable character. When I like something and appreciate the art direction, I like to ‘dissect’ the art and try to understand how it was created; as to learn and improve upon my own work.

When I decided to try to re-create Forky, I thought,

“shouldn’t be too hard, just a simple fork mesh, some lolly sticks and a little clay; easy peasy!”

Turns out, it wasn’t quite as easy as initially thought! The number of different materials associated with this little guy was astonishing! There is glitter glue, 3 different colours of clay, pipe cleaner – made of metal and brush, googly eyes with transparent and glossy plastics, wood and finally the plastic fork material with subsurface scattering and fingerprints acting a gloss map.
I loved this little project and I am super happy with how the renders came out. Luckily for me, Forky is constantly in the T-Pose, so, no need to rig or animate!
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