KROSSSTITCH are a great local trimming business that specialise in trimming and re-upholstering vehicles. The trim all sorts of vehicles, ranging from your run of the mill family cars all the way up to top of the line sports cars. 

They recently started a line of cleaning and care products and reached out to JForth Designs for help with the label design and to make the product imagery pop. 
In order to make great product labels, I needed to first come up with clean, recognisable and on brand imagery to go on the labels. This is where I took to my 3D software and created some simple - yet effective - shapes and designs that followed the 'trimming' and 'cleaning' message. 

For the Fresh Cherry Air Freshener, I decided to model some cherries, but textured them in such a way, they looked like they were made from luxury leather. For the Quickshine Dashboard Renovator, I decided to create a 'Yin Yang' style ball that showed two common dash materials. the classic ABS plastic and some higher end Carbon fibre. Leather cleaner and Alcantara cleaner both feature the respective material draped over a ball.  
After the 3D models were created, it was a just a matter of setting up Illustrator to the exact dimensions of the label, adding a 5mm bleed and getting to work on placing all the required text elements, adding the newly designed logo and placing it all on a rough, background to counter balance the clean imagery. 

Overall, the labels came out great and Krossstitch were over the moon with them. They will be releasing these products in 5L bottles soon and have asked me to adapt the labels for those. 
JForth Designs is a small Preston based design agency, with around 11 years experience in the design field; specialising in 3D renders, Motion Graphics and Video work.
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