Arriva Click Bus

ArrivaClick is a point-to-point transport service, aimed at being cheaper than taxis and more personal than buses. They use Mercedes mini-buses that can fit around 12 people and make use of an app (on both Android and iOS), which allows users to be collected and delivered to their chosen location. 

They wanted something different for their social artwork and something that could be carried across the branding. I suggested creating a 3D model of one of their buses, to be used as a mascot. 
When I set about making the model of the mini-bus, I decided to go with a short, cute version to make it a little more fun than just a standard mini-bus. It was actually harder to create the shorter version as the dimension were completely off from my reference material and a lot of it was just guesswork! 

After I created the model, I decided to have a little more fun with the model and decided to create a 'pimp my ride' style version; with alloys, neon under lights and a huge spoiler! While it's a bit silly, I thoroughly enjoyed making it and I personally think it looks great. Something right out of Rocket League. 
ArrivaClick were very happy with the cute little bus, so much so, they asked me to put it at the end of every video I did for them. I couldn't just have a little bus there! I needed to animate it - obviously! 

I created an animation of the bus dropping into the scene, which was a little harder than I first imagined. I had to create a sense of weight from something that has no weight! I followed the basic animation principles and managed to get something I was happy with. 
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